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Small Group Discipleship


[dih-sahy-puhl]   noun, verb, dis·ci·pled, dis·ci·pling.

1. one of the 12 personal followers of Christ.
2. one of the 70 followers sent forth by Christ. Luke 10:1.
3. any other professed follower of Christ in His lifetime.
4. any follower of Christ.
Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means that you are involved in deep fellowship with other believers.  We believe this is best done through small groups.  We have Mens Group which meets at our campus house Mondays at 8pm, led by Jake Swedberg & Adam Steinhauer.  The womens group meets on Sunday nights at 7pm at the Campus House led by Jessy Stark, Autumn Van Ham, & Jess Schmidt.

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  1. I love bible studies!!!!!